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Friday, April 2, 2010

Cupcake Jones

I went to Portland! It was a memorable visit because it was my first business trip (a conference for librarians)!

I also think that I may have gotten over my fear of flying! Don't get me wrong, I still get nervous, but no long-term panic. I flew on 4 planes that week since there was no direct flight from Toronto to Portland. For our trip there, we stopped in Denver. On our way back, we stopped in Vancouver. I guess flying just takes getting use to - like how taking off is the worse part (for me). Being in a cloud is going to cause turbulence. Once the plane is levelled, everything is fine. Still, safely landing is such a huge relief! I also found that I preferred larger planes, I don't feel every little attitude difference when the plane is huge. It also helps to have in-flight movies as a distraction!

My colleague and I had some free time, so yes, I took us to Cupcake Jones!

Cupcake Jones
307 NW 10th Avenue
Portland, OR
(503) 222-4404

Do you see the flavours of the day behind the window? There was another woman there taking photos too. I always feel like I snap way too many photos (and possibly make the bakers inside feel uneasy - but they were great! They encouraged photo taking.), so it was nice to see that someone else was snapping away.

This is the inside of Cupcake Jones!

Look! They have Frosting Shots!

And Doggie Cupcakes! One thing I need to mention is how environmentally friendly the city of Portland is. There are saucers outside for dogs to drink water, little water fountains for birds, lots and lots of bike lanes, and a FREE downtown transit system (I heart the MAX light rail).

My mini cupcake sampler! Yummy!

I had the 3 everyday cupcakes:
  1. The Pearl - White velvet cake with vanilla bean buttercream icing and a handmade white chocolate pearl. (Cupcake Jones is located in the Pearl district of Portland... if you were wondering.)
  2. Downtown Cupcake Brown - Devil's food cake with fudge frosting and grated dark chocolate.
  3. Velvet Painting - Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and a hand candied rose petal.
On Wednesday, they have:
  1. German Chocolate - Devil's food cake with fudge frosting and a pecan.
  2. Bailey's Cake - Chocolate Irish cream cake with Irish cream buttercream and chocolate sauce.
  3. Thin Mint - Chocolate cake with mint cooke buttercream and a homemade thin mint cookie.
If I get to visit Portland in the future, I would definitely stop by Cupcake Jones again and check out Saint Cupcakes too. And Voodoo Donuts! There was a crazy line-up at Voodoo Donuts!

As usual, the full gallery of photos on our facebook page.


  1. thin mint buttercream! holy cupcake Batman!

  2. Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] - Hahaha, I think it is quite clever, the shots are a good way to sell extra frosting! And thanks, it's nice to know that flying isn't that scary...

    Monica H - Indeed!!! =P