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Saturday, April 3, 2010

More Portland

Hello again! I just want to share some more photos from my trip to Portland. I had the opportunity to try some amazing food too:

This is the Unagi roll (barbecued freshwater eel, tari-reduction) from Departure.

The Maguro Karai Honey roll (big eye tuna, sweet and spicy sauce). Something I haven't tried before! An interesting combination of flavours.

The view from Departure as we finished dinner. Look, you can see the MAX Light Rail!

The Valrhona chocolate hazelnut souffle with praline creme anglaise from Urban Farmer. Now, I read a lot of baking books and they all rave about using the best chocolate - Valrhona. So I had to try this. This was my first chocolate souffle (believe it or not!), so I was a bit surprised when the waitress came, poked a hole in the beautiful souffle and poured cream in it. I didn't even get a photo first, but it doesn't matter, it was delicious! The chocolate was rich, light, and fluffy. Sigh!

Don't they look real? Just one of the many art installations around the city.


  1. Everything looks divine!!! yummy :) Happy Easter!

  2. Rhiannon Nicole - Happy Easter to you too! =)

  3. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Portland!!! I love this city, and living here! So many great food places!

  4. Danielle - Oh you are very lucky! When our plane flew in, we were right beside Mt. Hood and WOW what a view!

  5. I've never had a that done to me while ordering a souffle!! Those seals look amazingly real! You're having a great time, I see :)

  6. Avanika,

    No?? Are there different kinds of souffle? Must learn more about this!

    They had other animals in on the sidewalk too, but the seals were my favourite.

    I forgot to share some of the books I picked up from the show. =( Oh well, next time! =)