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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Guest Baker: Thanks!

We had a special guest baker with us today. =)

She just got back from teaching English in China for a year.
She spent 11 days in Tibet.
Her Mandarin is much better than mine.
The day before, she was walking around downtown Toronto in a bridal gown (to promote a wedding contest).
She sends me postcards from her travel.
She sent in these lovely lyrics before.

It's Julia!

Our friend was in town (and in the country) and had been craving cupcakes for a year now. So we had her over to bake. We taught Julia some simple fondant work and gave ourselves a mini contest.

The Three Blind Mice Contest
  • Using the extra pink fondant, make a little mouse.
  • No extra details are required, only the body, tail, and ears.
So Howard, Julia, and I each made our simple mouse. We would love if you could judge them. I've labeled them L, M, and S (Large, Medium, and Small) here so you can keep track of the different camera angles:

The top view.

The front view.

The back view.

So who made the best mouse? Please let us know in the comments below which one you liked (L, M, and S). We'll reveal who made which later on! ;)

Check out the beautiful cupcakes of "Thanks" Julia made for her friend Carolyn!


  1. Love them all, but my favorite is the Medium one.

  2. M is just an absolutely adorable mouse, but all three are cute :-P

    P.S. Your cupcakes give me inspiration to eventually open my own bakery some day! Keep up the awesome blog!

  3. M - something about her ears and the little bend in the tail!

  4. Hayırlı haftalar. Ellerinize sağlık. Çok şık, görünüyor.


  5. Tee hee what a funny post! I thought the medium one too, then realise all the other commenters agree! M is the winner!

  6. "M" wins for me because of the cute tail.

  7. M because I love the delicate little tail :-)

  8. I love them all but my favorite is "M". She is so pretty and delicate and yes, I love her tail.

    I also love the pretty cupcakes made by Julia.


    You're all too kind, let me reveal the mouse creators:

    Small - Julia
    Medium - Sylvia
    Large - Howard

    Howard's reasoning for the various sizes? "My fingers are bigger!" But he did make sunglasses for his mouse!

    Thanks again for your comments, it was a fun little challenge for us! =)