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Monday, August 30, 2010

Momofuku Noodle Bar

We almost missed it.

We almost couldn't find it!

We actually had an outdated map (in our defense, we thought it was up-to-date) on this trip. Some of the stores and shops listed were no longer in business or had moved just a couple of blocks down. So, we found the spot were our map said Momofuku would be and after looking up and down the street, we decided to ask a taxi driver.

Howard: Hi, do you know where Momofuku is?
Taxi Driver: What?
Howard: Momofuku.
Taxi Drive: Momo...?
Howard: Momofuku
Taxi Driver: What's that?
Howard: A restaurant...
Taxi Driver: No, sorry.

I was in the middle of searching for free wifi with my iPod, when we were saved! A very nice pair were just turning the corner and overheard Howard's conversation with the Taxi Driver. They told us that they were actually on their way to Momofuku and we were welcomed to follow them.

Yes, please!

We thanked them and scurried after the quick walking pair. The guy was from California visiting the girl. She was currently living in New York, but was originally from the same part of Toronto as us! Unbelievable!

Here, we made it:

Momofuku Noodle Bar
171 First Avenue
New York City, NY 10003
(212) 777-7773

We parted ways with the friendly pair in Momofuku as they were actually seated at the bar (lucky). We squeezed in to share a table in the middle of the restaurant with another group who were already enjoying their appetizers.

The lunch menu for August 17, 2010. They have prix fixe meals, very tempting (chocolate chip cake truffles!), but a bit out of our lunch budget for 3 people...

The customer service there was really good. They understood that they had lots of customers and did their best to be quick, clever, and courteous.

At first, all three of us wanted the Momofuku Ramen, but I persuaded the guys that we should try all three noodles on the menu. Dispite their whining, my brother listened and ordered the Ginger Scallion Noodles that had pickled shiitakes, cucumber, and menma.

It was really good! Something that I would order again because it was perfect for a hot summer day. The combination of the ingredients made the noodles taste very fresh and spring-like.

In the end my brother prefered his noodles over mine! See? It all worked out to everyone's favour!

Howard can handle the heat. So he got the Chilled Spicy Noodles that contained Sichuan spiced sausage, spinach, and cashews.

I tried one small strand of noodle and it was spicy!! But so good. So I only recommend it if you can handle it. Our very clever waitress came by many times to refill our glasses of water. =)

Again, in the end, Howard preferred his order to mine!

Finally, the Momofuku Ramen with pork belly, pork shoulder, and a poached egg. Picture perfect of what I expect when I think ramen.

Howard wanted to go back for the rest of the week. Ever since we've been home, he's whined for Momofuku at least 5 times this week. You know Howard, we do have the cookbook if you want to try your hand at making it yourself. =P


  1. wow! looks amazing. i am bookmarking this for the next time i am in the city!
    thx, shari spearmintbaby.com

  2. About 2 years ago, Momofuku Noodle Bar moved up the street about a block and a half.