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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Little Cupcake Lover

This is why I like New York City. I can be walking around, turn a corner, and find cupcakes. It happened to me twice on this trip. I happened to stumble on something new, something I hadn't heard of before, and didn't set out looking for.

Little Cupcake Lover
Soho on Broadway between Houston and Bleecker

May I present to you, a cupcake cart! I've tried the cupcake truck (the Cupcake Stop) last year and now another experience! Howard wasn't brave enough to try food from any street vendors. I get the brave medal for this trip. =)

The front view of the cupcake cart. The top shelf contains all the mini cupcakes and the bottom one showcases all the regular cupcakes.

It was before 11am, but that didn't stop me from getting a mini cupcake. I was about to pick the Nutella mint but noticed that this one wasn't listed on their menu - so why not pick something that isn't there all the time? Banana caramel it is!

A nice quick bite! Bananas are still in the "breakfast" time zone right?


  1. Que genial este puesto de cupcakes!

    me encanta!

    algún día probaré esos dulces!!!

    Saludos desde Compostela.


  2. I tried these, and they are terrible. Way too sweet

  3. that's a cool little street cart. Always something different in NYC!!

  4. you should start one here in toronto!!

  5. La Mambalina, thank you! Greetings from Toronto!

    Anonymous, I couldn't really judge them on the one cupcake, I would have to try again to see if they were too sweet. The mini I had was okay.

    Bonnie, yup! Although I don't imagine it would be fun standing in that little cart all day...

    happyd, hahaha or a mobile one!