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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spot Dessert Bar

Gossip Girl: Spotted. S in the East Village swooning over cupcakes. H looks tired from all the walking. Say, weren't they heading for lunch?

Spot Dessert Bar
13 Saint Marks Place
New York, NY 10003
(212) 677-5670

They are on facebook and twitter too!

This was one of my other favourite stops during our trip to New York, the other being Baked. Here are my reasons. Baked is fantastic for updated classic American desserts. We tried delicious cupcakes, whoopie pies, and brownies there.

Spot Dessert Bar has American desserts with an Asian fusion. Something I have been thinking about for the past year. Why we do not have any place like that here in Toronto baffles me. We need a dessert bar!

We arrived at Spot around lunch time so it was still relatively quiet, with this in mind, customer service was friendly and very helpful.

My first impression on the cupcakes was, the frosting is really glossy! I had to wonder if edible glitter was used, but I think that it was just the lighting.

Let's have a closer look at those cupcakes! From left to right in colours: brown top - Vanilla Caramel Vietnamese Coffee, brown bottom - Mocha Maldon Salt Caramel, white middle - Vanilla Coconut Almond, green - Chocolate Green Tea Fruit Jam, white right - Vanilla Yuzu Lemon, pink - Berry Berry Chocolate.

I chose the Vanilla Caramel Vietnamese Coffee cupcake for a pick-me-upper!

Originally, this was for take-out because we were on our way to lunch. But look how inviting the place is! So, we took a seat. We really liked the decor of this place, it was clean, natural, and comfortable.

I still think the frosting is shiny, but yum! Look at the caramel bits and the coffee topping.

The caramel provided a nice crunch to the cupcake.

Surprise! The cupcake was labeled as caramel not because of the tiny crunches on top, but because there was a filling too!

Delicious! The frosting was smooth and silky, the cupcake was nice and moist. The caramel and Vietnamese coffee went really well together. Sigh... do we have to leave and go for lunch? Yes, lunch beckons the boys and we had one more stop along the way...

Until next time Spot Dessert Bar! =)