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Monday, September 17, 2012

Bouchon Bakery

One of my favourite spots in New York City is at Columbus Circle overlooking Central Park. What makes it better is that Bouchon Bakery is on the third floor of the Time Warner Center. It's pretty much a staple when we visit New York or another city with a location. However, this was the first time we had lunch at the cafe here. Why did we not do this earlier?!?

The delicious soup of the day. I finally understand how soup can be good for the soul.

The Hanger Steak with applewood smoked bacon, piquillo peppers, and yellow corn succotash with horseradish-crème fraîche. Howard's pretty intent on recreating that succotash now. While I loved the addition of the crème fraîche, it made me think I was also having a baked potato on the side. Great pairing!

The main reason for eating at the cafe: dessert! That day, while I was eyeing the chocolate souffle, I eventually went with the Dulce de Leche. A caramel génoise, cashew crunch, caramel crémeux, with a milk sorbet.

That caramel... oh my gosh! And the milk sorbet, great palate cleaners to cut through all the sweetness. Yummy, yummy, yummy!

Howard always says he won't steal any of my dessert, but he stole many bites! I don't see how you could not want to try this.

You would think that would be enough for me. Nope. We headed over to the bakery for takeout. Pictured above is the TKO - Thomas Keller Oreo!

Macarons! I originally only wanted to order the coconut lime and vanilla bean. But I was convinced to also get the summer berry. I was later surprised to find out that he kindly threw in a pistachio for me, too! As if you need to win me over even more Bouchon! And you know what? I liked the summer berry one the best.

I am so excited for the cookbook, Bouchon Bakery, which comes out this year! And we're going to meet Thomas Keller! He's coming to Toronto in October to promote the book and we've already bought tickets to the event. =)


  1. I was lucky enough to try both Per Se in the Time Warner building and Bouchon Bakery at the 30 Rock location. Pair that with Thomas Keller's Bouchon in Las Vegas. I am only one away, French Laundry in Napa, from trying all of Keller's amazing restaurants! I really loved Bouchon's and their selection.

    Great Post!
    The Wanderfull Traveler

  2. Ooooooooooooh you are so lucky! I have the cookbook on my wish list for Santa, I think that's as close as i will get to actually visiting. What a treat it must be, it looks fantastic.