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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Pots de Crème

Last weekend, we were invited to a dinner party (in which the hosts didn't have to do any of the cooking - now that's my kind of magical, we'll leave you to figure it out) and we called dibs on bringing dessert. We always try not to show up empty handed!

So some ideas were milling about, we really wanted to do something with our jars again, since they would be perfect individual portions and easy to bring over to their house. No amount of rocking will smudge or ruin these desserts. Our hosts like the chocolate and peanut butter combination, so we were thinking of chocolate pots de crème and adding some peanut butter element into it.

During the week, we happened upon the blog, Tar-Tryin', where Emily blogs through the Tartine cookbook. An amazing feat no doubt, but it was a sign. She's made the chocolate pots de crème recipe from the book! Next thing you know, we're pulling out our Tartine cookbook off the shelf and going on a grocery trip.

Minor variations in our recipe - just a swap of chocolate type. We melted 5 ounces of semisweet chocolate and 1 ounce of REESE'S Minis over a double boiler. Next, we combined 2 3/4 cups of heavy cream, 3 tablespoons of sugar, and 1/8 teaspoon of salt in a sauce pan and whisked until it was blended. Once it started to boil, we took it off the heat and whisked in the chocolate.

We preheated the oven to 175°C (350°F). Now, using our stand mixer, we whisked 8 large egg yolks until combined (save the egg whites - you'll need them for our next post). Then slowly poured in the chocolate mixture as the machine continued to whisk. Once it was all blended together, poured the mixture through a fine sieve into a container with a spout.

Next, we divided the chocolate mixture among 8 oven-proof jars. Placed them in an oven-proof pan and popped it into our oven. Using a kettle or container with a spout, we poured water into the pan so that it came up 3/4 of the way up the sides of the jars.

Baked for about 20-25 minutes. The sides and top were set, but the middle of the crème was still jiggly.

We carefully removed our jars from the oven. If you can carry the whole water bath out - we give you thumbs up! We were cautious and took the jars out individually (chicken!), since we couldn't guarantee that we would carry it out without any hot water sloshing onto the floor!

While the chocolate pots de crème are cooling, we worked on garnishing. From our bag of leftover REESE'S Minis, we quartered each piece. There's something fun about chopping up peanut butter cups....

Once our desserts are completely cooled, we garnished the top with the chopped peanut butter cups and added some Callebaut Crispearls for a crunchy texture. Or, whatever chocolate and peanut butter goodness you like!

Mmm, can't wait to dig in!

Now, to store them for safe travels. If you have seals and lids for your jars, put them on!

Clamp them down!

Ready to go! They're very cute in presentation and great for placing out in a potluck or buffet style dinner party. Just place a spoon on the top of the jar and guests can grab one whenever they feel like it.

First bite, managed to get two out of three! No Crispearls here, but the top crust of the crème will provide texture.


  1. I have been craving peanut butter and chocolate! These look amazing!

  2. Looks absolutely divine! I just wish the pots were bigger!

  3. Hi dear!
    I'm Lina, I'm an Italian food blogger and I have just discovered your blog...I love it!!!
    This recipe is amazing and from now you have a new follower ^_^

  4. Thank you Becky, Chele, Spencer, and Lina!

  5. Great recipe , Where can I find jars like these online?

    Thank you

    1. Hi there, you can check on http://weckjars.com/ for the jars.