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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

bisous ciao

235 Bleecker Street
New York City, NY 10014
(212) 675-6366

We're back on track for our macaron tour. It's been a tough job so far, with so many locations and so many flavours, it's not easy trying them all. But, as I told my manager and friends before we left Toronto, someone's got to do it!
bisous ciao specializes in macarons and offers a whole assortment of flavours. They do gift boxes, macaron towers, and events. The shop is modern and minimalistic in decor, the display case takes center stage!
When we went, the macaron display went from neutral to bright colours.
They have a great selection of flavours too, it made just picking one impossible. So we went with three!
Above, from left to right:
Romeo + Juliet: Guava jam with a creamy soft cheese ganache center
Roasted Banana: A roasted banana milk chocolate ganache
Jasmine + Green Tea: A white chocolate infused ganache with a hint of jasmine flowers
For the Romeo + Juliet one, don't worry, the cheese flavour isn't overpowering or strong, you get more of the guava taste in this one. The roasted banana was also pretty subtle since chocolate can easily mask other flavours. I love tea flavours, but the the hint of jasmine didn't stand out, it was more matcha (which I'm fine with since it's one of my favourites) for this pairing. The macaron shells were well constructed and I'm intrigued by how they decorated the Romeo + Juliet shell with the white circle in the middle . . . something to try the next time I make macarons!

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