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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Todd English Food Hall

Todd English Food Hall
The Plaza Hotel
1 West 59th Street
New York, NY 10019

If you're in New York City and near West 59th Street (chances are you will at one point be because there's a bunch of goodies there you'd be visiting, from Central Park to the shops and restaurants), stop by the Todd English Food Hall for a snack or quick meal.
Under the Plaza Hotel, as the name implies, there's a wonderful collection of food vendors and plenty of seating in around the hall. If you're into dessert like me, you'll really like this one-stop location for so many great treats!
So we continued my macaron tour by stopping at La Maison du Chocolat for a chocolate macaron.
These were by far the most we've paid for a macaron, but we're guessing because they are larger in size and they're using quality chocolate.
Chocolate lovers rejoice because this macaron is probably one of the richest and creamiest one there is. I would recommend sharing it, because it is a huge portion of chocolate. Texture wise, the shell was a bit too soft for my liking, it felt too delicate and on the verge of breaking.
Our next reason for stopping by the Food Hall is Lady M, makers of fabulous and delicious cakes. Howard and I made a very dire mistake here.
See if you can guess what we did wrong. Look at the photo above and then the one below.
That's right. We only ordered one slice of green tea mille crêpes cake. Sharing is not a good idea here. We should have ordered the green tea, chocolate, chocolate banana, and original in my opinion. What? Four slices shared among two people is normal! Normal! It was embarrassing at how fast we consumed that slice of cake. Each of us with our fork and fighting for the next piece . . .
FP Patisserie is nearby, having already visited a different location, we didn't stop for macarons here.
Cupcakes? Yes! From Billy’s Bakery no less.
Mmm bread!
No bread? Maybe pies are more your thing.

It's worth a visit, especially if you need to pick up items for a Central Park picnic!

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