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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Minamoto Kitchoan

509 Madison Avenue
New York City, NY 10022

During my research stage before our trip, I was looking for places with dessert (no surprise here) and came across Minamoto Kitchoan. I'm so glad I pinned it to our map because it was such a surprising treat!
The store looks like a museum or a jewelry store, bright lights and edible jewels on display.
We believe that everything in the display cases are non perishable replicas. A lot of detail went into these inedible pieces and they sometimes show you a cross section of the dessert.
Look! A baumkuchen! I only know what that is because it was once featured in an episode of Yumeiro Patissiere (see episode summary here). Look at all the layers in the ring, I've never seen one for sale before and was tempted to get one. But to buy a whole cake (no slices), I just couldn't do it.
Howard's not a fan of red bean paste, but I adore it. Red bean ice cream, red bean pudding, and now look at all of these red bean fillings!
Gasp! Bunnies! Way too cute to ignore. We bought a box to bring home as a gift. It came nicely gift wrapped and the bunnies were individually wrapped inside the box to ensure freshness. As it was described to us, these "rabbit cakes" are baked "manjyu" (buns filled with bean paste) with Yuzu flavour.
These were quite beautiful. The Kingyo is a Japanese style jelly using natural fruit flavours.
We bought the Peach Sherbet to try. One of the neat features of this treat is that it can be eaten as a jelly or if you freeze it, it becomes a sherbet! They have the jelly ones in baskets for purchases, but if you're like us and wanted to try the sherbet, let them know and they'll grab one from the freezer for you and provide you with spoon and napkin too!

This was one of the highlights from all of the desserts I made Howard tried. Probably his favourite as it was refreshing and delicious.
We also tried the Ayashirabe, as we were told it was their most popular item. It's a condensed milk and sweet white bean paste with yolk wrapped in Japanese crepe. After eating it, we can see why it's one of their bestsellers. The filling isn't overly sweet and that crepe has the best flavour and aroma to it!
There was also this exquisitely wrapped white peach jelly that Howard coveted. But the price point was a bit too high for us to justify. Although, it does look lovely and the whole peach surrounded by jelly sounds like it would be another fun treat.

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