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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

CCBB Cupcakes

This next dozen is for my aunt's boss' wife, Linda, a breast cancer survivor and golf enthusiast. Linda also started up CCBB, which began as a hobby and soon became a successful business. Linda makes beautiful jewellery in which 50% of her profits are donated to York Region Breast Cancer Friends. Since January 2005, she has already donated more than $90,000! Please visit her website http://www.lindaccbb.com/ to see her breast cancer awareness jewellery.

CCBB and Hope plaques made from fondant!
Vanilla buttercream and chocolate cupcakes!

Pink fondant breast cancer ribbon. We also made fondant decorations that resemble Linda's pretty bracelet charms. My aunt bought me the bracelet last Christmas!

Pink fondant rose on vanilla buttercream and chocolate cupcake.

Rainbow of hope!

Pink fondant heart laying softly on vanilla buttercream.

Ribbon rose!

Green vanilla buttercream, yum!

We dedicated a third of the cupcakes to her love of golfing. We made a golf club, golf tee, golf ball, and golf green out of fondant. I finally got to try my grass tip (yay) with the green buttercream!

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