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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa's North Pole Cupcakes

My aunt decided that she will be giving everyone cupcakes this Christmas. She wasn't kidding and had me working like crazy all week. First, my aunt asked me to make two dozen cupcakes for two families who have young children. Sticking with the Christmas theme, we made chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream (snow) decorated with some cute penguins, polar bears, snowman, reindeers, and elves. Yes, we know that some of these animals don't happen to live in the same hemisphere, but for this magical time, we will go against our teachings.

Green sprinkles on vanilla buttercream and chocolate cupcake.

Red and Green sprinkles on vanilla buttercream on chocolate cupcakes.

Santa's little helper!


Polar bear!


Polar bear!

Red-Nosed Reindeer!

Cute little polar bear!


  1. that is simply adorable...how could i possibly bite that cute little bear's [presumably delicious] head off?

  2. ronit: Sometimes I want to keep the decorations to "save" them from being eaten...

    gaga: Thanks!


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