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Friday, December 19, 2008

EVE Birthday Cupcakes

Today is the birthday of a great friend of ours. Her boyfriend asked us to surprise her by secretly making cupcakes for her birthday party! So we're racking our brains as to what to create... she loves cute things, sweet things, funny things, and happy things. Di's strong, smart, independent, has directive, seeks out life, and can blast things out of her way - just kidding, she's not violent! But, we think that what we just described here is EVE from the lovable Pixar film Wall-E! We made vanilla cupcakes frosted with lime buttercream, chocolate ganache buttercream, and decorated with a fondant Eve! They are Simply 2 Di 4!

Lime buttercream on vanilla cupcakes. Yummy!

Chocolate ganache buttercream on vanilla cupcakes. Delightful!

Lime and chocolate ganache buttercream on vanilla cupcakes. Check out the disassembled Eve's! Eve was made from fondant and took lots of care to put together!

Happy Birthday Di! These plaques were also made from fondant.

Eve is featured on Photograzing!

WALL-E: Evaaaaa!

We can't wait to go to her surprise birthday party tonight and show her these cupcakes! As always, become a fan on our facebook page for more photos, updates, and sneak peeks! If you're shy about comments, you can also leave your reactions below!


  1. Hi, Just wondering how you did your photo collages?

    P.s. - the cupcakes are gorgeous!! wish i could have one!

  2. deadbored17 - Hi, I use Google Picasa to make the photo collages. It is very easy to use. I should add this to our FAQ section! =)

  3. Nooooo...please!!! THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!
    I have to do it for my nephew!!!