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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Cupcakes

A baby shower! We made different coloured rubber ducks from fondant floating in vanilla buttercream on Devil's food cupcakes. As always, check out our flickr photostream or become a fan on our facebook page for more photos! Our previous cupcake projects can be found on the right side-bar in categories (or scroll down to go to the next page).

Fondant rubber ducks swimming around.

Quacking away...
Vanilla buttercream on devil's food cupcakes.
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Green fondant rubber duck on cupcake.

Purple fondant rubber duck on cupcake.

Teal fondant rubber duck on cupcake.

Fondant rubber ducks on cupcakes.

Lining up!

Swimming left.
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Swimming right.
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Green with envy...

Since the expecting mother is a school teacher, based on the film MEANGIRLS, 
may we present to you... MEANDUCKS!


  1. As I am the person who gave these ducks their marching orders, I approve. All the kids (and grown ups) at this party loved the little duckies, but barely had the time to admire as they were eaten so quickly! Thank you, ABC, for these little treats that were given in my absence.
    Well done (and tasting, I heard)!

  2. woaaa! i love it!!

  3. what shapes do you need for them? THEY ARE ADORABLE!

  4. Hi there, maybe this will help:

    You will need:
    - Fondant (you can buy them white or pre-coloured)
    - Gel Colours (if you have white fondant, use gels to dye colour)
    - Edible Food Writers (optional)
    - Tear-shape or Water drop shape cutter (or cut them free hand)

    So what we did was:
    1. Dye the fondant (use a toothpick, dip it into the gel and then transfer that to the fondant, don’t double dip, use a new toothpick all the time).
    2. Knead the fondant until the colour is even.
    3. Mold the fondant into the body of the duck (this took the most time getting the shape right)
    4. Roll the fondant flat. Then we used a tiny tear-shaped/water-drop shape cutter to cut out the wings.
    5. Roll fondant into a ball shape for the duck’s head.
    6. Assemble the rubber ducky using tiny dabs of water to adhere the head and wings on the body.
    7. Taking orange coloured fondant, make a tiny triangle for the duck’s beak.
    8. Attach the beak onto the head.
    9. Let the rubber ducky dry.
    10. Using edible food writers, draw on two eyes for the rubber duck. Have the fondant rubber duck dry on powdered sugar before topping it on a cupcake!

  5. Super cute!! I love your attention to detail! I have a blog that is mainly focused on making healthy versions of different recipes. If you ever want to do a guest blog post on my website, you could create a cool healthy cupcake recipe and I'll share it with my followers!


    I love working with fellow Canadian bloggers!

  6. Hi Michelle, thank you! I will definitely check out your blog. =)