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Sunday, January 25, 2009

CupcakeCamp Toronto

We just got back from the first:

Date: Sunday, January 25, 2009 from 2:00-5:00pm
Location: Labspace Studio, 2A Pape Avenue
Admission: $5.00 for tasters and $2.00 for bakers

Left: We're here! CupcakeCamp Toronto!
Right: The schedule of cupcake tastings.

Left: Our entry stamp.
"Seize the Cupcake" indeed, that was what people were doing!
Right: Waiting for cupcakes!

Left: Michelle Villagracia and Monica Fitzpatrick welcoming everyone.
Right: Michelle introducing the cupcake bakers.

There was a fantastic turnout! The studio definitely reached capacity pretty quick! We had to squeeze by people, crane our necks, and lift our camera high to see the delicious cupcakes. There were more than enough tasters! Once the cupcakes reached the designated tables, you would blink and *poof* they were gone.

Left: Christine Truong's 'Caffe Latte' cupcakes being placed on the table...
Right: The cupcakes are already in the hands of eaters!

Left: Christine Truong's 'Caffe Latte' cupcakes.
Right: Meatloaf cupcakes with mash potato frosting.

Left: Krista Arndt's 'Chocolate Malt' cupcakes making their way to the tables.
Right: Ivy Lovell's 'Banana Chocolate with Strawberry Frosting' cupcakes.

We spotted lots of cute cupcake aprons, caddies, bags, pins, necklaces, and t-shirts! We're glad people are wearing cupcake gears! With all the quick hands, we decided to take a sneak peak at the back kitchen. Finally, cupcake photos without the crowd! We also have lots more photos on our facebook page. For now, check out these cool cupcakes (you can click on the photos to enlarge them):

Left: Heather Williams' 'Vanilla Cheesecake Crunch' cupcakes.
Right: Cat Chen's 'Raspberry Rapture' cupcakes.

Left: Cat Chen's 'Red Bean' and 'Raspberry Rapture' cupcakes.
Right: Stephanie Brown's 'Chocolate Chip Cupcookies.'

Left: Valerie Foster's 'Fig Walnut and Caramel' cupcakes.
Right: Julie Stolberg's 'Green Eggs and Ham' cupcakes.

Left: The view from the top!
Right: pollyprissypants
was live blogging the event from a top!

Left: If you said 'hi' to Madalina Paul from Duh-Licious, you got a cupcake sticker!
Right: Laura posing with Frosting. Thanks for letting us take the photo! :)

Here are some thoughts Laura, Howard, and I came up with:
  1. They did a great job on getting the event noticed and featured in publications! However, they still didn't anticipate the large numbers and the venue immediately became too small. Perhaps in addition to baker registrations, have tasters register as well to get an estimate number.
  2. Don't do a free-for-all when there is food to be handed out. This only rewards the pushy and grabby people. The nice and polite people don't get to try any. This is a fun cupcake event, it shouldn't be about "snoozing and losing."
  3. We suggest having people sign-up for the cupcakes they want to try. Or hand out vouchers! Depending on the number of cupcakes, everyone could be given 3 vouchers that would be exchanged for a cupcake. Designated line-ups or buffet tables would be nice too.
  4. The baker's didn't get enough spot-light!!! With the crowds, sometimes you don't see the bakers when they're introducing their cupcakes. We suggest a raised platform or a mini stage.
  5. There wasn't enough cupcakes, so there wasn't a need to close the baker's registration. The more the merrier! There will always be cupcake eaters!
  6. Tip to bakers: mini cupcakes would be ideal, that way there are more to pass around, and they are perfect "taste-test" size.
  7. Cupcake tastings can be scheduled more frequently. They were gone the second they were presented!
  8. Have other fun activities like a draw for giveaways!
  9. Some minor details: have disposal bins for cupcake liners, bigger signs, and someplace to showcase the cupcakes. The event is about cupcakes, we shouldn't have to sneak to the back to see the stars of the show!
Well, until next time! Did you get a chance to attend CupcakeCamp Toronto? Did you get a chance to taste a cupcake? What did you think of the event overall?


  1. Thanks for coming out. It was indeed a chaotic and crazy day. We never expected to attract this much attention. Lots to think about for CupCakeCampTO 2 in the fall.

  2. I did attend and was standing right behind Laura and Mr. Frosting. lol I was very disappointed as there were way too many tasters and not enough cupcakes. The whole time I was there I was able to each just 1 whole cupcake. My girlfriend shared her half with me. That is pretty sad that we were only able to get our hands on two cupcakes the whole 2.5 hours we were there. I honestly wished I had gone to the cupcake bakery first like we did after leaving uphappy....first instead of attending. I know a lot of others felt the same way.

  3. CupCakeCampTO - Congratulations! You did a great job publicizing the event! We added some suggestions to our post. =)

    Veronica - Oh!! You were so close, wish we got to say hi!! Yes, we heard a lot of disappointed grumbles. Not what a lot of people expected. Laura managed to find a quarter piece from sharers, so I got to try half of a quarter of a cupcake. It was very good too, but I don't even know who made it or what it was. We went home and had some of our chocolate and maple cake.

  4. Yeah it's too bad that there were some greedy people taking all the cupcakes (one blog complained about not being able to get to them, but by the end they had 7! More than their fair share!!).

    I'm sure now that Monica & Michelle have a better idea of how it goes down, they'll have it all worked out for next time!

  5. Alison - Wow 7 cupcakes!!!! The next one should be a big improvement, we hope to meet more bloggers and bakers. Hope to see you at the next one! I love MS Paint and the illustrations you make on your blog!

  6. I thought the idea of the event was great, someone only told me about it on Friday and I was all "how could I not know about this...."

    But after 2 hours of trying and failing to taste a cupcake we ended up bailing and found ourselves eating cake at Second Cup. If the profits weren't going to the Humane Society, I probably would've asked for a refund...

    I was thinking that maybe next time people could bring out trays of cupcakes and stand at strategic places around the room...moving around each time a new batch comes out. I also thought 1-2 dozen per baker wasn't enough....and I love the idea of mini-cupcakes, I was thinking the same thing too.

    But pretty good for a first go - I'd probably go again if there was another cupcake event.

  7. i wish this was happening again this year!!