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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holidays Gifts

We wanted to share some of the cupcake-related gifts we received this year! 
Books make the best gifts in my opinion! A friend gave me The Whimsical Bakehouse and another friend gave Howard Cupcakes and Muffins. We can't wait to test out some new recipes! We also received some books and products this holiday season for reviewing. So make sure you check those out!

These adorable flannel pajamas were giving to me from my Howard. They are very warm and comfortable, and I have been snuggling in them ever since! Sweet dreams indeed! A bonus is the blue and brown which matches our blog perfectly! A friend of ours wanted these for our Secret Santa gift exchange. When I went to get her gift, Howard simply knew that I wanted one too!

An extra cupcake baking tray! These are super handy when I need to make more than a dozen. You know what else is handy? These Mini Holiday Pie Cutters which are perfect for creating simple fondant decorations! Thank you!

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