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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Looking Back: 2008

Around New Years, we had seen some bloggers post links to their most popular posts for 2008. We think that is a pretty nifty idea, so let's go over them in case you missed them. Okay, we also know this post is about 8 days late. Let's just say we're believers of better late than never! Plus we've been pretty busy... you'll see soon! Okay no more excuses, may we present to you...

The Top 3 Posts of 2008: (This was compiled by Google Analytics)
  1. Cheer Sport Blacktip Sharks Cupcakes
  2. Winter Party Cupcakes
  3. Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Cupcakes

Howard's Top 3 Favourites:
  1. Nursery Rhymes Baby Shower Cupcakes - I was impressed with Sylvia's detailed work that captured the nursery rhyme.
  2. Santa Cupcake - Very well done Sylvia!
  3. Snowman Cupcake - We made them together and they are simple and very cute!

Sylvia's Top 3 Favourites:
  1. Eve Birthday Cupcakes - These were so adorable! While I baked and made frosting, Howard brought Eve (from Pixar's Wall-E) alive from fondant. I love how each one had different facial expressions and arm movements.
  2. Nursery Rhymes Baby Shower Cupcakes - I loved how these turned out! We rarely create 2-D decorations, so this was an experience for me. I also like the idea of how each cupcake tells a different story. Plus these cupcakes were filled with caramel... yummy!
  3. Cheer Sport Blacktip Sharks Cupcakes - Once again I baked and made frosting while Howard sculpted 30 shark fins from fondant. I think he did a great job making them look realistic. Plus I know how much he concentrated making the logo. The Cheer Sport colours (teal, black, and white) were also great to work with, so basically the whole project came together perfectly.

Do you have a favourite that isn't listed here? Let us know!