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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ABC Cocina

38 East 19th Street 
New York City, NY 10003
(212) 677-2233

For our next day in the city, I had made lunch reservations at ABC Cocina. Originally, I wanted ABC Kitchen, but I couldn't get a reservation because it was fully booked! This probably worked out for the best and it didn't matter in the end because we really enjoyed the atmosphere in the adjacent restaurant and the food was great.

We walked in and told the group of hostesses that we had reservations and were welcomed to wait at the bar as they set up our table. The dining room was quite full as we wondered where we would be seated. The back of the restaurant was divided with what we presumed to be ABC Kitchen on the other side. Sitting at the bar also allowed you a glimpse of the open kitchen in the corner.
I was really looking forward to this meal since it was our first experience at a Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant. We've tried some of his recipes at home before and I like how he has light preparations and incorporates Asian flavours into his food. But, we were here for Latin inspired food!

These are one of those times that I wished that my descriptions matched those of the great food writers out there so that I could properly praise the dishes we tried.
To start, we had peekytoe crab and corn fritters with chipotle mayo.
I cannot get enough of tacos and ordered the crispy fish tacos with aioli and cabbage-chili pickle. Howard's parents make great pickled cabbages but we would have never thought to use it in a fish taco! Loved the idea and also noted that they did not go easy on the heat, we liked the spiciness of it.
This crispy chicken salad with summer vegetables and spicy mustard vinaigrette was surprisingly good! Popcorn-sized chicken tossed in fresh greens, the perfect summer salad!
This deceptively simple dish was the star of our meal. Sweet corn with queso de mano cheese and lime. It was so good.
Finally, we tried the chipotle chicken tacos with grilled jalapeno salsa. Also spicy, this taco helped end our delicious meal.

I have to say, we look forward to returning some day or trying another Jean-George restaurant! Or better yet, open up a place in Toronto!!!