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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fortune Cookie Bridal Shower Cupcakes

Hello, we hope you're having a lovely summer weekend. This is a short and sweet post. We just wanted to share these cupcakes that we made for a friend's bridal shower today.

This was like a blast from the past for us. Again, we made the fortune cookie toppers out of gum paste.

Since these are party favours, we got Chinese takeout boxes so that guests could take them home. I think they look really cute and snug in the boxes!

Yes, there are notes inside the fortune cookies. =) Congratulations to Phillipa and Adam!


  1. Wow who said cup cake can't be piece of art.Lucky who ever gets to see/eat this;)

  2. Wow,

    That's a lucky couple! Those cupcakes could double as center pieces for the guest tables - they are SO beautiful, a work of art, really!


  3. Thank you Dzoli and ~Enamored Soul~

  4. I want these! I'm on a fortune cookie phase now. I'm sort of driving Las Vegas bridal shops crazy.

  5. Hi Allie,

    That's not a bad phase to be in, I hope there's good fortune for you!! =)