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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ruelo Patisserie

Ruelo Patisserie
Times Square, Unit C73
550 Highway 7 East
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1B9
(905) 762-1500

Last night, Howard and Laura (if I were to have a sister, she would be it) went out for desserts before checking out Night It Up! I had read about Ruelo the week before and when I mentioned stopping here, Laura already knew which place I was talking about. See? A sister would know, and she made a good point of stopping here first because they would closed earlier than NIU.

At Ruelo, there's a small bakery case in the back with individual cakes.

The bottom row has cheesecakes.

I opted for the Chocolate Earl Grey Tea - I just love tea flavours! This was composed of a chocolate sponge cake, Jivara milk chocolate mousse, and Earl Grey tea mousse.

We also wanted to get another dessert - sharing just one between three isn't going to cut it with me. Ruelo also has warm desserts on their menu, so we inquired about the vanilla soufflé and molten chocolate cake. We were told that it would take an hour for either one of those desserts. Since we weren't in a rush, we agreed to a vanilla bean soufflé. However, it was disappointing that the wait was so long because on their website, it says a wait of 35 minutes.

Luckily, we did have the Chocolate Earl Grey Tea to eat while we waited. I would probably return to try another cake or the macarons. One macaron flavour that caught my attention was the wasabi grapefruit. I wonder how that works?

Our vanilla soufflé did arrive later, but without the home-made ice cream as indicated on the menu. We were simply told they had ran out for the day. While this shop has been opened for a while, it still appears that they have some things to smooth out. It wasn't nice to be let down twice.

Despite all of this though, the vanilla soufflé was superb. Look at the amazing height it reached! The top crust was our favourite part, but the interior was delicious as well.


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  2. I was disappointed the last time I went too! I went in expecting desserts and they had 3 in display. I settled for a bottled beverage instead.

  3. Thanks Dzoli!

    Jenn, oh that's the worse feeling. We were lucky enough that they had desserts in the case and they agreed to make the souffle!