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Sunday, July 17, 2011

La Bamboche

1712 Avenue Road
Toronto, ON M5M 3Y6
(416) 224-5595

This turned out to be an excellent weekend. How could it not when it included a mini dessert tour? From all our recent travel posts, I felt like it was time to explore and showcase what our home city has to offer.

I have a google map titled GTA Sweets that has a listing of over 40 places that I want to visit. Most of these places have cupcakes, others have desserts I want to try. Red pins showing that I've been there, and blue pins telling me that I still need to make a stop there someday. I have a map for GTA Restaurants I want to try and one for each city I've visited or will be visiting. No, this isn't crazy, it's just being organized. =P

Howard and I started our Saturday afternoon at La Bamboche, a patisserie known for their macarons and croissants. While we like macarons now and then, I'm a true cake girl at heart. But that doesn't mean we won't be back to try some of their unique macaron flavours: yuzu, green tea and mango, ume and sake, and their mystery macaron (you won't know until you taste it). What a fun idea, I like that there's an unknown one!

Howard and I did have trouble picking one, so we went with two cakes! We actually had a third contender too, the Esprit du Japon (chocolate biscuit, sesame mousse, and matcha mousse), but we changed our minds and went with the Chamboise. A pâte sucrée topped with chocolate mousse, raspberry mousse, and raspberry jam.

The second treat is named Sasha, a Japanese inspired cake with white chocolate and tofu cream, edamame purée, and a green tea cookie. If you're a fan of soy, this cake is probably perfect for you!

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  1. Wow.Somebody bamboche me!I always admired Japnese for their fantastic creation.Clean food and great cakes.Those here look awesome.