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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

LPK's Culinary Groove

718 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON M4M 1H2
(416) 461-6440

This shop is only a couple stores down from Beatrice & Desmond, so we decided to pay it a visit too! Lime green and bright, I was a little sad that their display case wasn't working that day. Due to the heat, they had to move all their treats to the fridge in the back.

At least the cupcakes were still visible on their cake stands. I picked the coconut lime cupcake, upon ordering, I was asked if I had any dietary restrictions (they also offer vegan and gluten-free desserts), and then told that that was their bestselling cake combination. =)


  1. Very nice to look at can only imagine the first the second aand done bite;)

  2. Hey Sylvia!

    I just started a blog on cake decorating and baking. I have done absolutely no decorating, and limited baking, besides the cake I made today. In order to get the practice I need, and easily document progress, I am doing 182 cakes in 365 days! Crazy? Yes. Doable? We shall see. I am looking for blogs to follow with professionals that I can get some tips off of and have as an inspiration. Your blog looks perfect!



  3. Dzoli, the frosting is quite smooth looking isn't it? =)

    Heidi, best of luck!! We look forward to following your baking and blogging adventures!

  4. I can feel the groove by just looking at that mouth-watering pic. And yes, the frosting does looks smooth.