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Saturday, July 2, 2011


3025 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 520-8311

Sucré! We walked long and far down Magazine Street to arrive here. You know I wouldn't visit a city without having any cupcakes, and luckily, there were lots of sweet treats here.

Cupcakes by the cashier!

I think I spot the one I want! Any guesses?

Oh no, more wonderful choices! How are we suppose to resist against petit cakes?

They all look so yummy!

Oh peach crisp, you were a high contender. If we could eaten more, I would have ordered this next.

Oh who am I kidding? They were all high contenders.

We shared a salted caramel cupcake. And if you order for dine-in, they plate it for you! Once again, service and hospitality is wonderful in New Orleans.

The cupcake itself was delicious and there was a caramel filling in the cake too. The frosting is decorated with some edible shimmer and a chocolate fleur-de-lis.

We also tried the strawberry petit cake. This was my favourite of the day (my friends voted for the cupcake). I think it was the heat, I wanted something light and this matched exactly what I had in mind. The cake was light and fluffy and the frosting was amazing! There was something nostalgic about this cake that Howard and I really liked.

Please excuse the smudged plating, my colleague couldn't wait (it was that good) and took a bite out of the back before I could snap the photo. =)

Howard also got scoops of sorbet to cool down in the heat. Loved the tartness of citrus flavours!

If you do stop by, make sure you check out their sundae and plated dessert menu. They have an All Things NOLA sundae that consists of bananas foster sauce, brown butter pecan gelato, bread pudding, and roasted pecans. Another dessert that caught our attention? The Gelato Po-Boy, Neopolitan scoops in a pâte à choux shell!


  1. Omg, all those cakes in one place! Yummy!!

  2. Yeah yeah I am moving in and never leaving again..sweet life here I come;)

  3. Oh my, all these look so yummy!! I will be in New Orleans at the end of the month so I will have to remember this place!!